For this exciting project, our firm was fortunate to help this client redesign and remodel an outdated first floor bathroom that serviced the main floor both as a powder room and as a larger full bathroom for the nearby guest suite. One of the goals of the redesign was to help give this new bathroom a more refined upscale feel perfect for guests either using the restroom during a brief visit or an overnight guest using the full breadth of the entire bathroom.

As a principal inspiration to the essence of the new design, our client wanted to retain only one set of items from the original bathroom – the vintage Kohler English Trellis fixtures. From there, the rest of the design would be born in a genuine effort to complement and even highlight the intricate and ornate detailing known and appreciated throughout the English Trellis Collection.

Starting below our feet, we helped select larger-sized white hexagonal shaped tiles carried through and unifying both rooms as an earnest base to build up from. From there, other than the wood window and door casings, all of the detailing in this new bathroom was executed through the medium of elegant hand-made tiles. Everything from the olive-toned wainscot to the white diamond-pattern field tile, inset mirrors, and all of the medallion borders and inlays help carry through a very stately and provocative appearance for its occupants.

Looking more intently on the design, a layering of both repetition and variation among the materials helps reveal even more depth to the overall experience in the space. Resting directly on top of the white hexagonal tiles lies an intriguing combination of delicate olive-toned tile work. Starting with the intricate base trim tile followed up vertically by an alternating pattern of dual-thickness subway tiles, and then capped with a garnished rope tile and a deeper, more decorative coping tile helps culminate the transition between the wainscot and the subtle, but textural white diamond-pattern field tile above. And at the ceiling, the beautiful wall composition is crowned with a layer of medallion tiles topped by the same coping tile utilized below.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that an additional clever detail was executed on the powder room side of the bathroom in consideration of overnight guests who may decide to use this area for their additional sink area. Without any storage or open counter space below, the olive-toned wall directly behind the pedestal sink up to the decorative cove tile was bumped out to allow for a small, but still usable shelf above should any guests need to use the extra area for any toiletries while visiting.

Additionally, a significant transformation was achieved in the bathing area of the bathroom, too. After demoing the ‘cave-like’ built-in fiberglass tub/shower unit and soffiting, we installed a distinguished cast-iron and chrome clawfoot tub complete with a vintage floor-mounted chrome tub and shower faucet and shower rod surround. And rounding out the memorable bathroom is the design and crafting of the completely custom and ornate curved vanity cabinet – a true masterpiece for the room!

While our client absolutely loves the new space, it was mentioned in jest that now they just might have a problem ‘getting rid’ of their overnight guests in the future…certainly a ‘problem’ worth having!