Interior Finishes

Stone Veneer, Stained Wood Beams & Posts, Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Custom Millwork

Bench with Interior Storage, Sleeping Bag Cubbies, Recessed Entertainment Center, Drink Ledge



Other Features

LED Lighting, Custom Barn Door


When we were brought in to design and build this new finished basement, our clients were seeking to envision a multi-purpose space where their family had an opportunity to expand the overall functionality of their home.

In addition to family movie night, at the top of their list was to create a fun atmosphere for their three teenage kids to host friends over to the house, including memorable sleepover nights. To effectively deliver on that goal, we had to plan out all of the programmatic spaces: a communal TV area, a kitchenette area, a full bathroom, a gaming area, a workout area, and an arts and crafts area – all in a warm, comfortable, rustic aesthetic.

Digging a little deeper in consideration of those sleepover nights, we incorporated two notable areas near the bottom of the staircase: 1) a built-in bench for kids to comfortably remove their shoes that also doubles as blanket storage for movie time, and 2) numerous deep individual cubbies where each friend could place their belongings (including a rolled-up sleeping bag) when they arrive.

Tucked in nicely into the corner of the basement rests the cozy TV area with plenty of seating for family and friends and sightlines from all around the entire open area. Additionally, complete surround sound was integrated into the walls and ceiling for; which all get wired back to the custom cabinet below the television that is partially recessed into the wall to minimize its encroachment into the seating area.

Directly adjacent is the table gaming area perfect for a future pool table and complete with a built in drink ledge, but still quite suitable for their family foosball table. And across from there rests the full bathroom in close proximity to the main open spaces.

In the rear portion of the basement and behind the custom barn door lies the exercise room and arts and crafts area where family and friends enjoy conceiving fun projects throughout the year! Rounding out the basement is the very functional kitchenette area that serves as the epicenter for snacks and treats during gathering events.

In concert with the program, the fit and finish around the basement was intended to provide a very warm and cozy setting. Stained wood and darker painted tones help accent the notable stonework throughout, even right from the initial entry to the basement helping to set the tone for everyone entering. And the luxury vinyl flooring throughout was the perfect touch keeping with the established aesthetic while still being extremely durable with easy clean-up during parties.

Our clients have already enjoyed hosting parties as well as a few sleepovers. And with school and sports started once again…they’re looking forward to more fun experiences together with family and friends!