It is our primary goal to deliver distinguished architectural design without compromising high-performance and energy-efficiency. Through the implementation of integrated building science strategies and technologies, studio26 is able to design and build the highest quality custom homes that are healthier, more comfortable, more automated, more eco-conscious, and ultimately more energy saving. However, we understand that a home, your home, is defined by much more than just its performance characteristics; the architecture itself plays a principal role in characterizing your dwelling experience.

First and foremost, your studio26 home shall present a façade of unrivaled curb appeal on its exterior and a palace of exquisite opulence and comfort on its interior. Since all of us have different styles, needs, and desires, we believe the architecture should reflect your own distinctive tastes and preferences. The architectural design shall be flexible enough to not only accommodate a broad range of activities, but also support all of your specific requisites. Furthermore, the design shall help convey a real sense of place – a place where you feel at ease, secure, and comfortable.