Often times, a comfortable home is thought of as cozy, restful, convenient, luxurious, healthy, warm, and secure just to name a few.  There also seems to be some element of being comfortable that is often hard to recognize, perhaps even subconscious.

Nonetheless, at a very basic level, a comfortable home shall accommodate, and perhaps even enhance your overall sensory experience.  While we all have our own distinctive comprehension of comfort, studio26 believes there are, in fact, still some indelible elements that are often substantiated as somewhat conspicuous and enduring.

Throughout the design process, studio26 works with you to help determine these effective strategies for comfort.  Many of these elements have an origin in the architecture and planning itself such as its distinctive curb appeal, alluring interior design, and superior finishes.  Another aspect of comfort can stem from an installed home automation system through the convenience of its integration with the security system, cameras, programmable thermostats, and harmonious whole-house audio.

While the aforementioned elements play a significant role in defining comfort in your home, studio26 excels in providing comfort at a more distinguished level.  Our attention to detail in the specification, design, and construction phases helps ensure that your home will be crafted with an elevated level of comfort.  Below is a list of several elements that helps set studio26 apart from the rest:

Superior HVAC design

  • Advanced airflow delivery
  • Proper mixing throughout the seasons
  • Multi-zone temperature control
  • Optimized humidity levels

Exceptional whole-house indoor air quality

Draft-free construction

Premium window package

  • Minimized air infiltration
  • Controlled glass temperature
  • Reduced glare
  • Improved flashing details for moisture control
  • Desirable solar shading

Optimized site planning

  • Ideal orientation to the sun
  • Ideal relationship to wind patterns
  • Optimized overhangs
  • Careful tree and planting layout, when desired