After the initial meeting/consultation, this exciting and enjoyable process of actualizing your dream home is comprised of four major phases. The first three are related to design and the last is associated with construction:

Schematic Design

During the schematic design phase, studio26 first meets with you to gain valuable insight into what makes a home your home.  We will quickly learn about your programmatic needs such as the type and number of rooms including their preferable adjacencies as well as the architectural style you desire.  Additionally, we will attain important information regarding your overall design priorities and general specifications on performance goals.  Then, we synthesize all of the data – both your needs and desires – to bring forth a preliminary architectural design for your approval.  If there are any necessary tweaks to the initial design concept, then we will return to the drawing board until we meet your expectations.  When we produce a design that is exemplary, we will proceed to the next phase.

Design Development

The design development phase is the subsequent progression of your design goals.  This evolution involves a deeper understanding of your specific preferences through very meaningful and productive correspondence.  It is in this stage that we work through project details and finalize a comprehensive plan for your unique studio26 home.

Construction Documents

The last stage of design is the construction document phase.  In this phase, your home will come to life; it will emanate from an exploratory concept to a very substantive vision on paper.  The construction documents largely consist of record drawings and specifications that are employed to execute the design intent into a wonderfully tangible reality.  Depending on the extent of the project, the full set of drawings shall include sheets in multiple fields of practice such as architectural, civil, electrical, and mechanical to name a few.  When the architectural design process of your dream home is complete, we will then submit it for municipality approval.

Construction Management

Perhaps the most anticipated stage for any future homeowner is the construction management phase.  Upon receiving all of the necessary permits, excavation and construction of your home shall commence.  Over the course of several months, it will be truly exhilarating to see our collaborative architectural design become the distinctive, high-performance custom home of your grandest dreams.