Just as the strategies of building science have evolved, so have the technologies of home automation.  More and more homeowners across the nation are benefiting from all of the advantages an automated home offers.  Whether it’s simply turning on/off your security system or initiating a pre-programmed scene for a social gathering, studio26 can bring whole-house automation to fruition; and help make your life a little less hectic while still saving you money on your monthly bills.

An automated home (sometimes referred to as a digital home) is a house that has integrated electronic devices all connected together using either a wired or wireless network, or a hybrid of the two.  Through the convenience of home automation, studio26 can help bring your dream to a reality with a home that responds to your particular lifestyle.  A digital home can consist of a network that coordinates energy management, security, climate control, and lighting control to help provide energy efficiency, convenience, tranquility, and comfort.

Additionally, it can be designed to also integrate any of the following: your home theater, distributed audio, computer connectivity, digital server storage, and satellite/cable service – all of which can all help bring your family much entertainment pleasure through the years.  Furthermore, this network can be programmed based on a particular time or event, which allows for centrally controlled network management in accordance with your lifestyle.

Virtually nothing else provides a greater sense of security and a more efficient home environment than a well designed home automation system.

Studio26 homes makes great effort to keep abreast of home automation technology, which tends to change very rapidly.  We also recognize that our knowledge of home automation can be stretched at some point.  Thus, we work closely with and develop relationships with integrator, consulting, and manufacturing companies to actively keep pace with the technology and implement cost-effective best-of-breed systems.  Our goal is to always bring a reliable, easy to use, one-touch system to our homeowners that fit their lifestyle at a reasonable cost.

As a basic minimum, all studio26 homes will be installed with a structured wiring system, home security system, and dynamic HVAC controls that allow the home to be zoned and optimized according to the specific desires of our homeowners.