Extensive & Challenging Addition Renovation

In working through an intensive design process, this project expanded from a single smaller scale addition on one side of the home to a much larger two-sided addition/renovation project including a substantial amount of additional site work not originally in the project scope such as expanding the septic system, remediating all of the existing site drainage issues, and expanding the onsite parking potential for their expanded family and friends.

For the addition/renovation portion of the project, there were essentially four primary needs: create a mud room since they didn’t previously have one, create a large open play area for their three kids, create a first floor bedroom for visiting in-laws, and create a new master suite oasis with dedicated his/her walk-in closets and a larger, more up-to-date bathroom.  Important secondary needs included creating a new home office space that had access to direct natural light, creating a new laundry room up on the second floor (instead of the in the basement where it was originally located), expanding the kitchen and increasing its connectivity to the rest of the home, and creating a new three to four season outdoor covered screened porch.  As is common with almost any addition project, we also restored many smaller portions of the home to help deliver a new home that is difficulty to delineate old from new.