Clean Sustainable Elegance

After a lengthy vetting process involving double-digit builders, our firm is very grateful for being chosen to craft this intricate one-of-kind, high-performance modern masterpiece.  With cantilevered portions of the home, trimless walls including flush-mounted interior doors, and flat roofs with no attic, this home was an exhilarating challenge to build, but one also with great reward!   True to the modern aesthetic, the home exudes a clean minimalist flair, even from the street.  Its intersecting rectangular bars coupled with varying veneers and textures of brick, metal, and stucco help create an intriguing exterior design as well as unique interior spaces with multiple walls of glazing in most rooms.  Furthermore, the ‘L’ shape floor plan of the home itself helps create an enjoyable and tranquil rear courtyard perfect for pool parties and outdoor living despite being located within in a neighborhood community.  In the front courtyard, before entering the home, arriving guests walk up to the large front pivot door over a progression of interesting poured linear concrete panels.

Once inside, the home is sure to amaze!  Its open floor plan complements the vast amount of windows, which truly help to visually connect the interior and exterior spaces.  Artful high-end light fixtures throughout help anchor rooms within the home; and also present a nice juxtaposition to all of the many indirect lighting coves, whether in the ceiling plane of many rooms, vertical bands of light flanking the 72” great room fireplace, or in the base molding of two children’s bedrooms.  In the center of the home rests the beautiful two-story sleek and modern kitchen.  Even the receptacles were installed in a clean minimalist fashion (without traditional cover plates).  Behind the kitchen’s headwall reveals a gorgeous mono-stringer open staircase crafted of steel and white oak.  Adjacent to that is both the diminutive but impressive powder room, and the stylish and functional mud room with its floor-to-ceiling slat wall and sliding doors.  Rounding out the first floor is a sizable guest suite and a dedicated office perfect for days working from home.  Traversing upstairs to the second floor, enjoy views down into the kitchen below or take a restful nap in one of the four bedroom suites complete with walk-in closets and tastefully appointed full bathrooms that are detailed much like what is often seen in exclusive boutique hotels.  On the master bedroom wing, savor a bedroom oasis with a 60” linear fireplace and an uncommon scenario of windows on three of the room’s four sides.  And be sure to lose yourself in the decadent master bathroom.  As was executed in several other areas of the home, the walls and floors are veneered with huge 8’x4’ sheets of tile; which required special installers and equipment to transport and install.  Furthermore, all outside corners of tile (i.e. fireplaces) were mitered together with no aluminum edge material or bullnose to help present a more truly monolithic aesthetic congruent with the rest of the home’s challenging details.