studio26 homes profiled in LVM: Lehigh Valley Magazine

Mar 21, 2008

Due to their ingenuity in green home design and construction, studio26 homes was asked to be profiled in LVM’s (formerly Lehigh Valley Magazine) popular Home & Garden Issue. In its 16th year of publication, LVM remains one of the area’s leading local magazines.

Conventional wisdom says that oneshould never go into business with family members. But architect Brian M. Baker ismaking a career out of defying convention. In fact, he’s joined forces with his father, James and his brother, Scott. Together, they’ve created a“green” alternative for the upscale homebuyerin the Lehigh Valley. It’s called studio26 homes,a company that is building highly efficient andthoughtfully designed homes.
Baker says his first inspiration was his father,a Michigan native who leveraged his expertisein metallurgy and worked for Bethlehem Steelfor 14 years. Then, with no prior computerexperience, he launched American ComputerSolutions, a company that now has more than400 employees in four states. In 2004, he formedBaker Development Group LLC, the parentcompany of studio26 homes.